Memoranda References for End-user before Generating PPMP, PR, and RFQ

Please refer to the following memoranda prior to generating of PPMP, PR, and RFQ:

(1) OVCA MEMO NO. 36, s.2018 – Guidelines on the Creation of Purchase Request for Catering Services for FY 2019

(2) OVCA MEMO NO. 23, s.2019 -Threshold Amount for Vehicle Rental for All Funds (FY 2019)

(3) OVCA MEMO NO. 48, s2018 – Transport Services with LTFRB Franchise

(4) OVCA MEMO NO. 35, s2019 -Procedures for Lease of Venue for Official Trainings, seminars, Conferences, Conventions, Symposia and Similar Gatherings

(5) OVCA MEMO NO. 15, s.2021 – Standard specific

(6) MEMO-3-Guidelines-on-the-Purchase-of-Prepaid-Phone-Cards