Technical Working Group (TWG): 2022 Email Address and Details


Kindly refer to the link below for the BAC-TWG details and email address for the year of 2022

Name and Department/UnitE-mail Address
Ms. Lea C. Gonzales from
Mr. Andrew P. Licardo from
Ms. Bai Menjageerie  Ayyesha
B. Ebus from OVCA- Accounting
Engr. Arnel M. Lacap from
Engr. Donny Rey D. Camus from
Engr. Pamela K. Gordovez, from OVCPD-UPMOpam
Engr. Paul Michael M. Buduan from
Engr. Jon Nell L. Bernardo from
Ms. Pamela E. Lapitan, from
Mr. Martheen Francis O.
Aquino from OVCPD- UPMO
Mr. Mark Jayson B. Aguilando from
Mr. Jubien A. Coronel from
Mr. Mark Morris Dimapilis from
Mr. Ricardo T. Silab from
Mr. Reigel Allan L. Sorra from
Mr. Rizal C. Huelgas from
Mr. Crispin R. Lagman from
Dr. Randolph B. Trinidad from
Dr. Maria Theresa M. Pineda from
Ms. Felicidad B. Navarro from
Engr. Christian Paulo
Altoveros from OVCCA
Mr. Ray Angelo E. Nasino from
Ms. Cecilia B. Licari from OVCAA-University
Mr. John Carlo Pacia from
Ms. Michelle Ann Bunquin from
Mr. Quincy E. Ybanez from
Ms. Eden Walintang from
Engr. Francis M. Junsay from
Mr. Emmanuel Carandang from
Mr. Jeric C. Villanueva from
Mr. John Marty Mateo from
Mr. Brendan John C. Magana from
Mr. Mark Efraim M. Gironella from
Mr. Mario B.  Maningas from
Ms. Elizabeth M. Casabuena from
Mr. Ronaniel A. Almeda from»
Engr. Ariel U. Glorioso from
Engr. Adrian A. Borja from
Dr. Michael Sanchez from OVCCA /
Engr. Joselito C. Villena from
Engr. Mark Anthony A. Badua from
Dr. Ariel M.Bombio from
Dr. Ma. Suzanneth Epifania G.
Lola from CVM- DVPS
Dr.  Marianne Leila S. Flores from
Mr. John Reymark Garcia from
Ms. Raquel R. Ebonia, from
Ms. Shirley M. Del Rosario from
Mr. Christopher V. Labe from
Mr.  Juan Paulo A. Aquino from
Mr. Eugene D. Valencia from